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Let Us Mow Your Large Yard or Field

Lawn Mowing

How well your house, shop or office may be adorned from inside, but the visitors, guests, clients, customers and even the trespassers will judge the beauty of your property by its outer appearance.

Undoubtedly, a well maintained lawn and garden is a wonderful asset to any home or office. A beautiful garden adds stars to the magnificence of the building, giving it an incredible look and increases the appeal of your property. However, we know that maintaining a lawn can be cumbrous and time consuming. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a good-looking yard.

Johnny Appleseed Tree & Landscape is a company in Duxbury, MA that offers lawn mowing and edging services for residential, commercial and industrial customers using professional grade equipment for a top-of-the-line cut. We offer fast, friendly, and professional service—your first edging is always free, and we’ll meet or beat our competitors’ prices. Our landscapers are honest and reliable, so you can feel confident in our company.

Our basic service consists of mowing the front and back yards with a 22” commercial mower; edging with a steel blade (not a line trimmer); trimming around beds, fences, and trees with a “weedeater”; and blowing the area clean and removing the debris.

If you are among those who believe that anyone can mow a lawn, then it is important to learn that the majority of lawn care problems are caused due to improper mowing. The reason may vary; it might be incorrect height of the grass or unsharpened blade usage. Thus, professional Lawn Mowing Services are a must! It provides the best possible finish to your lawns.

Our lawn mowing and edging service comprises mowing the lawn, edging, removal of grass clipping and cleanup of paths. Making best use of the innovative and expedient tools, we rehabilitate each type of lawn grass to its specific height. Also, we provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction on our services.

We are a one stop solution to have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood. Our professionals are well equipped and thoroughly prepared to carry out all types of lawn mowing and gardening services with utmost perfection. We are proficient enough to care for any type of grass and refurbish lawn of all size, either big or small.



  • Slope Mowing
  • Pasture and Field Mowing
  • Brush Chipping
  • Fence Line Mowing & Trimming
  • Brush Mowing

Advantages of Brush Mowing:

  • A cost effective way to Increase the value of your property.
  • Reduce fire hazards 
  • Create park like settings
  • Prepare for landscaping
  • Clear for access, fence lines and trails.
Garden Landscaping

Grass Cutting: Cutting and trimming of lawn, blowing of concreted areas

Lawn Maintenance: Mulching, trimming of small hedges/shrubs, sidewalk lighting etc.

Mowing Delays

If we cannot mow due to pouring rain we will advance our schedule one day and use Saturday for a catch-up day, if necessary.  Please note that a small amount of rain will not stop us from mowing.

Johnny Appleseed Tree & Landscape assure you that after mowing, your lawn will be in pristine condition. Having paved areas and edges in the cleanest state, you can enjoy a perfect clean and healthy lawns and gardens! We provide a complete lawn maintenance service to our customers. Lawns mowed, edges done, cuttings taken away or mulched in, it is your choice. Get a free quote now!