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Let us show you how you can have the lawn of your dreams.

Lawn Care ServicesAt Johnny Appleseed Tree & Landscape we take pride in looking after your lawn, many other businesses are interested in quick lawn mowing we’re interested in more:

* Taking care of your lawn

* Not cutting so short the lawn that it looks awful

* Taking the time to cut the edges to perfection

* Basically your lawn is my lawn concept, we’ll take care of it.

We mow according to the growing season which ranges from 28 – 32 weeks on average. The frequency of your mowing totally depends on your preferences.

Some people who have a faster growing grass variety, fertilize regularly, or water on a regular basis, etc. want higher frequency in the springtime (3 – 5 days sometimes depending on rainfall) then spread out to weekly or 7 to 10 days over the summer. Some people prefer a biweekly basis year round. It just depends on how “manicured” you want your lawn to look, the condition of your lawn, the quantity of weeds or crabgrass, etc. Please let us know your particular preferences.

We do not mow on a monthly basis because that allows the grass to get too long between mowing, then when you cut it you have a large amount of overlay which can in fact kill the lawn. I might also add that we mow at 3 inches on a regular basis. Again, this is the recommended height for this area. Some people like to mow their grass at 2 inches to avoid frequent mowing. However, this is NOT healthy for the lawns so we mow at 3 inches to encourage strong, healthy growth and reduce impact of weeds.  A good lawn fertiliser early spring and again early summer will create a healthy, lush lawn that will resist weeds.

We also use a different type of a mower than most services in that ours are “mulching” mowers. They cut the grass clippings up very fine and leave them on the ground. This is recommended by many turf experts because it then returns the nutrients in the grass back to the lawn for further use, basically fertilizing the grass naturally. We can do this with the fine mulching mowers because the clippings are not visible. What this means to you is that we do not have to bag the grass to remove the clippings and your lawn stays healthier year round.


Is your lawn as healthy as it can be?

We can aerate or thatch your lawn as necessary to keep it at its best.

What is aeration? Aeration, core or plug, should be done whenever the soil reaches a state of being compacted. Usually once a year is typical for an average traffic lawn.

Thatch is the layer directly below the surface of the ground that consists of decaying and living root, stem, stolon, and rhizome material. This layer becomes harmful after it builds up to a level that it prevents water, nutrients, and air to reach the soil. Detaching is then necessary. This is most productive if done early in the spring after the winter thaw.

We would be happy to give you an estimate for your specific property location. Contact us today for Lawn Care services. We will make your lawn enjoyable again!

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